At Peninsula Co-op, we offer varying types of fuel, depending on your needs. 

All gasoline is derived from oil, however, how the oil is treated and processed will determine the exact grade and function. The grade of gasoline you need is determined by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Using the correct grade of gasoline in your vehicle can keep it running smoothly and will protect the engine from unnecessary wear-and-tear.

Gasoline grades inform you how easily the gasoline combusts within your engine. Lower octane levels can combust easier when compressed, which will make a knocking or pinging sound in your engine. Standard-performing vehicles are outfitted to use the correct amount of compression to eliminate internal combustion pings. Sports vehicles, or high-performance cars, benefit from midgrade to premium gasoline because their engines have been built for a higher level of compression for added driving power. 

We offer the following:

  • Regular gasoline – 87 octane; contains 10% ethanol, known as E10.
  • Mid-grade gasoline – 89 octane; contains 5% ethanol, known as E5.
  • Premium gasoline – 91 octane; will not contain ethanol.
  • Marked mid-grade gasoline – 89 octane; will not contain ethanol.
  • Diesel – will not contain ethanol.

*Products may vary by location.