Car Wash

Did you know car washes use 64% less water than the average driveway wash? Plus, they get underneath your car to help prevent rust and leave a streak-free finish as compared to handwashing. 

Washing your car regularly is one of the best ways to protect the investment in your vehicle. Protect your car by keeping surfaces – glass, trim, paint and wheels – clean. Your Touchless Car Wash cleans hard-to-reach places including the undercarriage of your vehicle.

Touchless Car Wash locations:

Touchless Car Wash near me

Brentwood Co-op Gas Centre

Pat Bay Highway Co-op Gas Centre

Millstream Co-op Gas Centre

Wale Road Co-op Gas Centre

Duncan Co-op Gas Centre

McDonald Park Road Gas Centre

West Shore Parkway Gas Centre

Soft Cloth Rollover Car Wash locations:

soft cloth car wash victoria and vancouver island

Mill Bay Co-op Gas Centre

Cowichan Co-op Gas Centre

Hot Water Wand Wash locations:

Hot Water Wand Car Wash locations

Wilkinson Co-op Gas Centre 

Saanichton Cardlock 

Millstream Co-op Gas Centre