As a co-operative, we’re a different kind of business. We share our profits with our members and the community. 

As a member you’re a shareholder and owner in our Co-op.  So when the Co-op turns a profit, some of that profit is returned to you. This profit sharing happens in two ways:

An annual cash payment

This annual payment is your REBATE and it’s a cheque made out to you to spend however you choose.* It’s not points, not miles, or tokens.


Equity is your stake in the business, and it grows over time and is paid out to you at age 70.


Based on Peninsula Co-op’s profits, a percentage of your purchases are added to your share account. Each December, 70% of this amount is paid out to you by cheque as your member rebate. The remaining 30% of your rebate is allocated to your preferred share account for a period of 6 years and paid out at that time providing the Co-op’s financial position remains strong..

Calculate what your rebate might be:

Here’s what your rebate could look like.
Fill in the “Litres per Week” field to calculate the Approximate Annual Rebate.

Member Rebate Calculator

Average Rebate

Litres per Week

Approximate Annual Rebate

*This calculator is for sample purposes only, and is based on the average fuel rebate over the last several years. It does not take into account purchases on items other than fuel, and the rebate amount is not guaranteed and may vary by year.

You earn a rebate when you purchase from any of the following:

Gas Centres and Cardlock locations
Food Centre
Convenience stores
Car Washes
Liquor locations
Home Heating oil

Rebates are paid in December by cheque based on purchases made in the previous fiscal year. Your Co-op’s fiscal year runs from April to March. If you joined Peninsula Co-op after March 31st of this year, your first rebate will be paid in December of next year.

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