Directors Election

Today’s business world is complex and constantly changing. Electing a Board of Directors to oversee the business affairs of a $200 million petroleum and food co-operative is comparable to hiring a member of the senior executive team, such as the CEO. Being elected to the Board is a serious responsibility, as each Director’s decision has a profound influence on Peninsula Co-op’s future success.

2022 Election of Directors

Peninsula Co-op is 100% locally owned by our member-owners. Our members’ input is important to the long-term success of the Co-op. As a member-owner, you have the opportunity to nominate qualified candidates for the available positions on the Board of Directors and also vote in the annual Election of Directors.

Member-owners will be able to exercise their right to vote when the Co-op mails out election packages in May for the 2022 Election of Directors.

So that our member-owners do not incur high postage costs, we want to be fiscally responsible when mailing out the election packages. Therefore, in order to receive an election package, member-owners must have either:

  • Participated in any of the past three annual Election of Directors.
  • Joined Peninsula Co-op between March 28, 2020 and April 2, 2022.
  • Received a T4A for their December 2021 rebate allocation.
  • Purchased $750 or more at our Food Centre, or $1,200 or more at Peninsula Co-op Gas Centres from March 29, 2020 to April 3, 2021.
  • Been a member of North-Island Co-op.

When member-owners receive their election package with voting instructions, they will have the option of voting by mail-in ballot or online. 

We are working with Survey & Ballot Systems, a trusted and proven service provider of online and mail-in voting services, to give members a choice in how they cast their vote. Baker Tilly Victoria Ltd. will continue to act as a facilitator in the election process, managing member requests and safekeeping mailed-in ballots prior to tabulation by Survey & Ballot Systems.

Members who vote online will have the option to provide their email address to Peninsula Co-op and move to a completely electronic platform, conveniently receiving voting packages for future elections via email only. It’s a quick and easy option that’s great for the environment too!

PLUS, when you vote online and sign-up for paperless electronic voting for future elections, you’ll automatically be entered to win one of five $100 gift cards!

We encourage all eligible voting member-owners to cast a ballot in the 2022 Election of Directors. Any member-owner who does not automatically receive an election package in the mail can request one by contacting Baker Tilly Victoria Ltd at 250.386.0500 during business hours.

Mailed-in ballots must be postmarked June 10, 2022 or earlier, and must be received by the office of Baker Tilly Victoria Ltd. by 4:00pm on June 15th 2022, to be included in the ballot count. Ballots can also be dropped off at the office of Baker Tilly Victoria Ltd. #540-645 Fort St, Victoria BC V8W 1G2, by 4:00pm June 10, 2022.

Your vote is your voice. You’ll be helping to select three Directors who will work on your behalf and represent the interests of our 108,000 member-owners.

Election results will be announced at the virtual Annual General Meeting on June 28, 2022, and on Peninsula Co-op’s website before July 2022.

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