Directors Election

Today’s business world is complex and constantly changing. Electing a Board of Directors to oversee the business affairs of a $200 million petroleum and food co-operative is comparable to hiring a member of the senior executive team, such as the CEO. Being elected to the Board is a serious responsibility, as each Director’s decision has a profound influence on Peninsula Co-op’s future success.

2022 Election of Directors

Board of Directors Election Results Are In!

The election results have been tabulated and we are pleased to share the outcome. We have three successful candidates – Cathie Ounsted, Francois Egan and Jacques Van Campen.

Thank you to all candidates for your submissions and to our member-owners for taking the time to vote in the annual election. Here are the results:



Cathie Ounsted


Francois Egan


Jacques Van Campen


Michael Ervin


The Board of Directors election was managed by Survey & Ballot Systems, a trusted and proven service provider of online and mail-in voting services. Baker Tilly Victoria Ltd., Chartered Professional Accountants, acted as facilitator in the election process, managing member requests and safekeeping mailed-in ballots prior to tabulation by Survey & Ballot Systems.

The Co-op Board of Directors is elected by the membership and is responsible for directing the activities of the Co-op according to by-laws and co-operative legislation. The Board establishes the mission of the Co-op, formulates and implements policy, supervises and appraises the CEO and Directors serve on a number of the sub-committees, always remaining accountable to our membership.

Over the years, our Co-op has seen tremendous growth, and as we continue to grow, it is extremely important that our Board has the skills and background to ensure that the best interests of the Co-op are met.

Please contact our Administration Department at 250-652-5752 if you wish to correspond with the Board.


    We believe

    That:    The Peninsula Co-op should implement term limits for Directors on the Board

    That:    The term limit be a maximum of (4) four full (3) three-year terms

    That:    The existing Board members who have already served (4) four full (3) three-year terms, or more, be allowed to run for re-election for one additional (3) three-year term


    • It can help an organization’s ability to expand and reach new audiences, especially in terms of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)
    • Making it easier to bring in new ideas and new perspectives to a board and its decision-making process
    • Providing a systematic planning timeline and process for replacing needed board skills
    • Research indicates that term limits result in improved board performance and board oversight
    • Provide a respectful and efficient mechanism for the exit of a board member
    • Avoiding the perpetual concentration of power within a small group of people
    • In the short-term, the lack of term limits can make it difficult for a board to bring on new leadership equipped with the skills needed to respond to fast-changing events


    • Potentially losing institutional memory and expertise that has benefited the board over time
    • Additional time may be required to re-build the cohesiveness of the board as new members join and old members rotate off
    • Needing additional resources to help identify, recruit, and orient new board members


    Be It Resolved

    To amend as follows:

    Part 14 – Election, Appointment and Removal of Directors

    Directors eligible for re-election or re-appointment

    Amended wording:

    Section 90

    (1) Subject to subrule 90 (2), a person whose term as director is eligible for re-election or reappointment.

    (2) Directors may hold office for a maximum of four (4) consecutive full 3-year terms.

    (3) Despite subrule 90 (2), a director whose 4th consecutive 3-year term is ending in 2022, 2023, or 2024 is eligible for re-election or reappointment for one additional 3-year term.

    Current wording:

    Section 90

    A person whose term as director is ending is eligible for re-election or reappointment


    We believe

    That:    There be a cooling off period for former Peninsula Co-op employees before they are eligible to run for a Director’s position on the Peninsula Co-op Board.

    That:    Director independence is a fundamental tenet of good governance. Director independence requires that board members undertake their duties objectively and without bias that may be introduced as a result of existing relationships with management.

    That:    This cooling off period will be for (2) two years.


    • Being a part of the management team is a very different role from being on the Board of Directors. Having a two-year break should make it easier for a former employee to participate effectively and objectively as a Board member.
    • Senior management interact with the Board of Directors. Senior management may require time to make the shift from interacting with the former employee as a co-worker to interacting with that individual as a Board member.


    • A cooling off period may reduce the desire of a former employee running for a Board position in the future.


    Be It Resolved

    To amend as follows:

    Part 13            Directors

    Section 79       Qualifications for directors

    (4) No individual is entitled to become or act as a director of the Association if:

    Amended wording:

    (e)   the individual is an employee of the Association or has

    been an employee of the Association within the last two years

    Current wording:

    (e)        the individual is an employee of the Association