Directors Election

Today’s business world is complex and constantly changing. Electing a Board of Directors to oversee the business affairs of a $230 million petroleum and food co-operative is comparable to hiring a member of the senior executive team, such as the CEO. Being elected to the Board is a serious responsibility, as each Director’s decision has a profound influence on Peninsula Co-op’s future success.

  • Call for Nominations

    Peninsula Co-op is 100% locally owned by our member-owners. Our members’ input is important to the long-term success of the Co-op. As a member-owner, you have the opportunity to nominate qualified candidates for the available positions on the Board of Directors and also vote in the annual Election of Directors.

    Each year, the Board of Directors appoints a Nominations Committee that comprises three Directors whose term does not expire that year. The Committee undertakes an evaluation of the current Board, and identifies additional skills, business experience, or qualifications which would enhance the Board’s effectiveness and diversity for the benefit of the membership. The Nominations Committee carefully reviews the nominations received and endorses individuals who offer significant expertise to Peninsula Co-op’s Board.

    The Nominations Committee assesses all the information provided by each nominee. Nominees are only endorsed after an extensive process involving meeting with the Nominations Committee, analysis of past work experience and their community contributions.

    The next Call for Nominations will open Spring 2021.


  • Election of Directors

    The 2020 election results have been tabulated and we are pleased to share the outcome. We have three successful candidates – Cathy McIntyre, Patti Hunter, Grant Hilliard

    Thank you to all candidates for your submissions and to our member-owners for taking the time to vote in the annual election. Here are the results:

    Candidate Results
    Cathy McIntyre 2,683
    Patti Hunter 2,538
    Grant Hilliard 2,323
    Mary-Ethel Audley 1,683
    Paul Murray 1,437
    John D’Agnolo   907

    The Board of Directors election was managed by Baker Tilly Victoria Ltd., Chartered Professional Accountants. The work performed by Baker Tilly Victoria Ltd. with respect to the Board of Directors election was limited to carrying out the election procedures provided by the Board of Directors in order to retain security of all ballots, to collect, protect, and count completed ballots, and report the results of the election to the Board of Directors and management of the Co-operative.  The work performed by Baker Tilly Victoria Ltd. in this respect did not constitute an assurance engagement in accordance with the standards of Chartered Professional Accountants Canada nor did it include provision of any assurance or advice on matters of legal interpretation or entitlement to vote.

    The Co-op Board of Directors is elected by the membership and is responsible for directing the activities of the Co-op according to by-laws and co-operative legislation. The Board establishes the mission of the Co-op, formulates and implements policy, supervises and appraises the General Manager and Directors serve on a number of the sub-committees, always remaining accountable to our membership.

    Over the years, our Co-op has seen tremendous growth, and as we continue to grow, it is extremely important that our Board has the skills and background to ensure that the best interests of the Co-op are met.

    Please contact our Administration department at 250-652-5752 if you wish to correspond with the Board.

    Our Annual General Meeting will be held online on September 23, 2020. To attend virtually, register at