Directors Election

Today’s business world is complex and constantly changing. Electing a Board of Directors to oversee the business affairs of a $200 million petroleum and food co-operative is comparable to hiring a member of the senior executive team, such as the CEO. Being elected to the Board is a serious responsibility, as each Director’s decision has a profound influence on Peninsula Co-op’s future success.

  • Election of Directors

    2021 Director Election Results

    Sheila Elworthy – 3,109 votes – elected for a 3-year term

    Pat Fafard – 2,560 votes – elected for a 3-year term

    Ron Gaudet – 2,115 votes – elected for a 3-year term

    Francois Egan – 1,862 votes – elected for a 1-year term

    Paul Murray – 1,480 votes

    Michael Ervin – 1,339 votes

    Stephen O’Connor – 1,319 votes


    The certified results show 3,665 ballots cast (2,586 paper ballots and 1,079 web ballots) from 43,797 eligible members, for a participation rate of 8.37%.

  • Call for Nominations

    Peninsula Co-op is 100% locally owned by our member-owners. Our members’ input is important to the long-term success of the Co-op. As a member-owner, you have the opportunity to nominate qualified candidates for the available positions on the Board of Directors and also vote in the annual Election of Directors.

    The nomination period is now closed. Election packages will be mailed out mid-May.

    The next nomination period will be 2022.