Peninsula Co-op & Save-On Gas

Save-On Gas is a brand name owned by Peninsula Co-op and is currently used at two locations on Southern Vancouver Island.

These locations are independently owned and although Peninsula Co-op does not operate these locations, Peninsula Co-op supplies them with their petroleum products. These locations also accept our membership numbers for purchases and subsequently receive a partial patronage rebate on those purchases. This relationship benefits both the member-owner and the Save-On Gas owner, embracing the spirit of cooperation.

Peninsula Co-op and Save-On Gas, two brands working together for our member-owner’s benefit for over 25 years.

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For members who may have frequented the Save-on Gas location in James Bay, please be advised that this location is no longer affiliated with Peninsula Co-op or the Save-on Gas brand. In the event that this location re-opens, it will operate without any connection to our Co-op and purchases will not be eligible for rebates.