Social Responsibility

Operating as a socially responsible business is important for all business, and as a member-owned organization, it’s critical. We believe it’s important to factor in the impacts we have from an economic, social and environmental perspective.

Peninsula Co-op continues to look at opportunities to diversify. While a large majority of our business is in the petroleum industry, of which there remains a consistent market demand, we do take steps to contribute to the health of our environment where possible. Equally important, we have a responsibility to our members to remain financially strong, securing the future of the Co-op. Financial stability ensures we can continue to support the economy by hiring local talent; support local vendors whether it’s through facility operations or selling their products in our stores; and support the community. As a Co-op, a big part of our ethos and values is to be community minded – our commitment to give back, to support programs and services many of our friends and neighbours rely on, thereby enriching the communities where we all live, work and play.

There are many factors that contribute to our social responsibility as a business. Click here to view our full report.