Special Resolution 2023

A. The Cooperative Association Act has been updated to allow co-operative members to participate in and vote at general meetings, whether held in-person or in electronic form, subject to the Rules of the co-operative.
B. Peninsula Consumer Services Co-operative’s current Rules do not permit members to vote or participate in general meetings if attending by telephone or other communication medium.

Part 10, Section 56 – Meetings by Conference Telephone
Members are not entitled to participate in general meetings and vote by telephone or other communications medium

C. Peninsula Consumer Services Co-operative’s directors propose to allow members to participate in general meetings, whether held in-person, telephone or other communication medium.


Part 10, Section 56 of the Rules be deleted and replaced with the following:
Voting in Person at Meeting or Other Form of Communication

If authorized in advance by the directors, members may participate in a general meeting and vote by telephone or other electronic communications medium, in accordance with the Act.


As a member of Peninsula Co-op, you are an owner and we invite you to come meet our Board of Directors and Management Team and join us as we look back on the last fiscal year of our Co-op.

Tuesday, June 27, 2023 at the Greek Community Centre
4648 Elk Lake Drive, Victoria
Registration 4:30pm | Meeting 5:00pm

The Board of Directors’ Election ran between May 23 – June 9