Peninsula Co-op in the Community

Published on: March 12, 2024

Peninsula Co-op takes pride in our commitment to giving back to the communities we serve, contributing half a million dollars annually to support various initiatives. Our donations benefit a wide range of organizations, including local youth sports associations, hospital foundations, food banks, and animal rescue groups.

Our ability to support these causes is thanks to our dedicated membership base – that means you! By shopping at Peninsula Co-op, PenCo Liquor, or Liquor Express, you are helping to grow our community support fund.

Learn more about a few donations we have made here!

If you’re a local group looking for support this year, visit our Request for Support page to see the giving guidelines and application form.

And consider becoming a Peninsula Co-op member as an added fundraiser!

As a charitable organization, you can earn rebates by promoting your member number to donors and supporters who are Peninsula Co-op members. If donors use your charitable member number when they make purchases, the rebate portion gets added to the rebate cheque your community group will receive at the end of each year.