Why Choose Peninsula Co-op?

Published on: June 16, 2021

Why Choose Peninsula Co-op?

When you think of a “co-op,” you might think of a hippie-type meeting ground or simply a gas station you have seen around town. Co-ops have been around for a long time and continue to thrive for a multitude of reasons, but they can sometimes seem a bit vague in their actual offerings.

What is Co-op and why should you shop there?

Peninsula Co-op operates gas stations, car washes, convenience stores and a grocery store. These are services you will always need to use in your day-to-day life. Of course, there are definitely a lot of alternatives for you to choose instead; big grocery chains and gas stations are in every neighbourhood and seem like the easy and safe choice for your weekly grocery run or to fill up on your way to work. But we have all gotten to the checkout only to realize we are paying $9 for a mediocre cauliflower from a company we don’t know anything about to get points for a rewards system only extreme couponers seem to be able to use.

Co-op offers a membership model rather than points or a coupon system. While you can shop at Co-op without being a member, membership gives you access to the rebates program based on your purchases which can pay out to you every year.

Membership means rebates.

Based on the profits of the year, a percentage of your purchases are added to your share account. 65% is paid directly to you as a cheque and the other 35% is allocated to your share account and paid out in six years provided the financial position of Co-op remains strong. This is essentially free money back on purchases you were already going to make.

Groceries and gas can be some of our biggest expenses following other basics like rent and car insurance. So why not be earning on these essential purchases?

Your voice does matter!

These days, so many are involved in owning stocks with the immersion of user-friendly trading apps like WealthSimple Trade or the infamous Robinhood app in the United States. However, while large companies and boards may talk about pleasing their shareholders, unless you are holding a ton of stock, your voice within the company does not really matter.

In contrast, being a member of Co-op (which only costs $27 for a lifetime membership!) gives you the ability to get involved and participate in the democratic decision-making process of Co-op by posing questions, voting on resolutions, electing board members, or even becoming a board member if you are extra eager! The Board of Directors are not figureheads in a faraway office – they are elected directly by the members and work to get rebates back in your pocket and lift up your community.

When you become a member at Co-op, you own a share in the business. You also help hundreds of charities in your community benefit from your membership.

Giving back to the community

While volunteering your time or donating money are always excellent ways to support your community, this isn’t always an option for everyone. And that’s okay! Being a member of Peninsula Co-op allows you to do good for your community while doing something you were already going to do anyway. Your friends, family, and direct community will be the ones on the receiving end of the programs the Co-op supports making an impact you can actually see.

Think Peninsula Co-op

Peninsula Co-op is more than just a place to pick up groceries or gas. It’s a place to strengthen your own community, get involved, and help make a difference. As our world gets bigger and more connected, take time to remember where you live, who your neighbours are, and how you can have a positive impact on the ones closest to you. Choosing Co-op is an easy way to make an impact on your local community, so why not join?